No longer a Blogging Virgin

Welcome to Through the Priszm. I’ve never done the blogging thing before. I never really felt like I had much to share that people would be interested in, other than friends and family of course. I decided to start one to share the different things that John and I see.

Let me do a short, sweet introduction. My name is Val, although many also know me as Priszm. John is my very fabulous, wonderful boyfriend. We live in the land of perpetual summer. Well, okay, in reality it’s about ten and a half months of summer and occasional “cold.” Otherwise known as Florida. Don’t be fooled though, Florida does get cold. It’s a different feel than that of Minnesota, where I grew up. But I digress.

As there is a distinct lack of sub-zero temperatures and snow, John and I have been increasing our outdoor activities. This usually takes place in the form of bike riding and lately we’ve started the Couch to 5K training program. While outside we’ve had the pleasure to slow down and enjoy nature, enjoy and exclaim over the wonders that are found. I’ve decided I’m going to try and remember to bring my camera with to capture the sights that we see and share with you, so you will be looking Through the Priszm with me!


One Response to No longer a Blogging Virgin

  1. tdewing says:

    Hey this is a cool blogg.
    Your loving


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