Time flies when having fun

It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday. In just two more days vacation will be done and we’ll be flying back to sunny Florida. This has definitely been a busy and enjoyable trip. Last Saturday our hotel in Grand Marais was on the shores of Lake Superior. Even though it seriously cooled down that night, we still slept with the windows open and it was wonderful to fall asleep to the sounds of the water lapping at the shore. Our return to the Twin Cities on Monday was the start of a very hectic and happy week.

I’ve gotten to enjoy all the foods I haven’t had in almost four years. The good stuff that Florida doesn’t have, Tasty Pizza, Bruegger’s, LeAnn Chin, Totino’s. Today is real chow mein. Yummm! I’ve also gotten to see several good friends and even new friends. I met Kirsty’s fiancee and they are a very good fit together. I’m very happy for her and very happy she found such a wonderful person to compliment her life. I got to re-connect with an old friend and met her new significant other. It was almost like being at dinner with two John’s as he and Dave have a very similar sense of humor. Dinner with the Foxes was a wonderful family affair. I even got to meet their baby (okay, she’s almost 2!) granddaughter, Anna. She is a very cute, energetic little girl who has her adults all wrapped around her little finger. She’s going to keep her daddy hopping when she gets older. But right now, she has her daddy bopping, to Veggie Tales that is 🙂

Lots of shopping has been had. After all, there’s no sales tax on clothes here, and I do love the clearance racks. Plus I got to get some cheese and Polish sausage. Yummy! Tonight is the start of the Fridley Reunion events, starting with tailgating for the homecoming game. It’ll be nice to see some of my former teachers there. Tomorrow after the Apple Orchard we’re going to the actual reunion at Grandma’s in Dinky Town. It should be an interesting and good time. Okay, we’re outta here for now. We need to get ready so that we can head out for lunch soon. Catch ya’ll later!


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