Do it for the Heart!

All pictures have been added to Photobucket. After having been home a week, I’m ready for another vacation. Of course, it might have to do with the fact it took me two and a half days to realize I have Columbus Day off or to figure out the pink streamers in the courtyard at work.

The gym at work had signs on the door saying they are closed Monday Oct 8th on observance of Columbus Day. I kept looking at it wondering why they got off and what made them so special. Yeah, on Thursday it hit me that I get it off too. Gotta love working for a bank!

As for the streamers, I was wondering if someone had a party while I was gone and didn’t bother to clean up. It wasn’t until I saw them at another location tied into a pink ribbon that it occurred to me, pink ribbons for breast cancer. Duh!

On another note, a friend and co-worker is participating in the Tampabay Heart Walk. If you know of anyone who has suffered from heart related issues, or if you would like to participate, please help by sponsoring Nancy Perry. If the link doesn’t work, please Google Tampabay Heart Walk and on the left side of the page is is the location to search for a participant.


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