It’s Boris and Natasha!

Okay, it’s really Boris and Tasha. But she’d officially be Natasha if she had papers, other than those the SPCA provided anyway. Boris is a skin and bones kitten that was found hanging around outside my apartment complex yesterday. John saw him in the morning and Boris followed John to my door. My neighbor has seen him wandering around as well. I saw him when I was heading over to John’s. I saw this little guy, walked up to him and picked him up. He’s very friendly and started purring right away.
I went back to my car to get my purse and keys, and Ciera since I couldn’t exactly leave her in the car for 5 minutes. He shrank back a little from Ciera since she was very curious as to what I had and she knew it wasn’t her kitty. Ciera and I brought Boris in and I set him down by Tasha’s food. Even though there was a happy, curious dog nearby, Boris still ate, further emphasizing how hungry the poor little guy was. I had to head to John’s so I could get my car window fixed (an entirely different story). Boris was placed in the bathroom with food, water and kitty litter. Currently Tasha is not a fan of Boris. She suddenly has a new feline she has to share her home and dog with. But I’m convinced he’ll win her over. After all, he’s just a baby and a cute one at that!


Tasha and Ciera


One Response to It’s Boris and Natasha!

  1. Chris & Courtenay says:

    How FREAKING ADORABLE are they!?!?!?


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