So many things, so little time

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on around here lately. I’ve been busy working and getting back to working out after two weeks of many scheduled lunchtime events at work. What’s wrong with them, don’t they know that’s my workout time? John and I are still working on getting ready for the MS150 in April. Not only are we trying to increase our biking, but we’re also making plans for fundraising events.

This has actually made for some difficult to fall asleep nights. Not because of stress and worry, not yet anyway. We’re just starting to hash out some ideas of what to do and what steps need to be taken. Which means my mind doesn’t want to shut off at night and keeps thinking over what we’ve already discussed as well as coming up with more ideas and thoughts. I’m excited not only to raise more funds, but also to put together the events themselves. Of course, that may change further down the road 🙂

We seem to have settled on three events to take place between now and April. John is in a bowling league at a local bowling alley and had the wonderful idea of a bowl-a-thon. I’m hoping to have that in December sometime, maybe January. We’re also discussing a car wash. A local restuarant supported a couple in a car wash last month to help her raise funds for the 3 day breast walk. Not only did the restuarant allow them to use their corner of the parking lot, they also donated 10% of proceeds for all sales during that time. I’m hoping to do the same for our car wash. The final event we’re planning is a silent auction. We’ve decided to speak with the Plant City chamber of commerce and see if they’ll donate booth space so we can hold it at Plant City’s monthly bike fest. That will probably take place in March or April to give us time to collect donations. So it looks as if I’m going to be plenty busy in the next few months!


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