He makes my heart flutter

Have I mentioned lately how much I love and adore my wonderful boyfriend? If I haven’t before, let me shout it from the rooftops, hire a skywriter, take out an ad. John is so fabulously wonderfully fantastic. Not only does he not listen to me when I’m whining that I can’t pedal anymore and there’s no way I’ll make it up that hill (which, here is Florida is usually smaller than those of Minnesota), he often times will actually push me when needed. He always knows when I need that little extra oomph and is excellent at ignoring me when I say I’m not tired. He takes such fabulous care of me. John has even signed up to ride the MS 150 with me. He’s going to be there as my support and will probably be riding beside me as we cross the finish line, with a hand on my back giving me that extra Oomph! So John, thank you for being in my life and loving me so much.


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