It was how cold?

I want to share a couple of weather related things that made me chuckle this past week. First off, friends and family tease me for getting cold so easily, especially since I lived roughly 22 years in Minnesota (or as I refer to it, the Arctic Circle). But I have always gotten cold easily and never liked the cold. That being said, here’s what made me chuckle.

First, NBC’s Today Show had three anchors spend time at the Ends of the Earth, one being at the North Pole (okay, Greenland), one at the equater and the third at the Antarctica. The anchor at the North Pole earlier this week was stating it’s cold there, at the time about 10 degrees farenhiet. The Antarctic anchor yesterday or today was saying the weather there is about thirty below zero farenheit. And my reaction to both of them? Is that it? It’s only that cold? Psshhawww, that ain’t nuttin’!

My second observation was driving into work this morning. Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Depression whatever Noel was good for one thing around here, it lowered our humidity drastically. The weather has been so nice that the AC got turned off and windows are open! Taking Ciera out this morning, I was chilled and hugging my arms. But I decided not to grab a jacket to go to work as my car was right outside my apartment building and the walk into work from the parking garage isn’t all that long, maybe a block if that. While on the drive in this morning, the dj’s stated the weather was getting a little cooler rather than warming at that point and the temp was 47. My thought was hmmm, maybe I should have brought a jacket. Going into the building at work, I noticed the heat, yes you read that right, the HEAT was on. Not only that, but the registers are in the ceiling, so I wonder if they’re aware heat rises. And I couldn’t tell you how many people were bundled into sweaters and jackets and here was me, the original freeze baby, in a tee shirt. Go figure.


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