I may or may not have an addiction…

to yarn. Is it my fault I could get such a good deal on them today? After all, they come in such pretty colors and such soft textures. Who could resist? And it is all my fault since I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I had availible and I ran out of the blue I was using right smack in the middle of a section on J’s blanket. So of course, since I had coupons for Joanne, I had to go get more blue today. It bothered me that I didn’t pay attention and I ran out.

So off to Joanne I went, around 11 this morning. Another problem that I had, I didn’t keep the wrapping for the last batch I bought, so I couldn’t remember what brand it was. Although I was fairly certain it was Caron since I remember it being in clear plastic (not all yarns are in plastic, most usually have paper around the middle with the name and other information), I knew it was the pound size and I frequently see those in Caron brand. If it was, Joann no longer carries that. But I was able to find a very very close match. If it’s not an exact match, it’s pretty dang close! But while I was at Joanne, I also picked up the yarn for my next project, 2 new crochet hooks and a garland of poinsettas for the wall candle holder. Here’s my Joanne’s foray:

This afternoon J and I went to see Enchanted (very cute, btw) and stopped at Michael’s before the movie. Wednesday I stopped there after work to pick up an item and noticed a clearance bin of novelty yarns for $1 each. These are the yarns that look like fur or feathers and usually start at $5. I was kicking myself for not getting them, even though I have no idea what/how I would use them. But they were $1!!! So, as I said, J and I stopped so I could do some more shopping for yarn. I still have no idea what I’m going to do with them. But they were soooo pretty! And only $1!!!! So here’s the batch I got from Michaels:

So let’s recap, shall we.
9 skeins of yarn
2 crochet hooks
1 poinsetta garland
30 skeins (rolls?) novelty yarn
Yep, I’d have to say I did pretty darn good. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with all those pretty fuzzy ones! Any ideas?


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