More Craftiness

Picture this: I’m sitting at home working (I have a part time job taking inbound sales calls, thankfully the company offers this at home!) and as I am taking calls I’m working on the afghan I plan to auction in April. Suddenly, I get the bright idea that I want to give snowflakes to some of my co-workers. But hey, it’s all good because I already have seven done. I only need about 20 total and I have about a week and a half to do them. And they don’t take me long. As long as people aren’t calling and throwing off my counting.

So, I got out my crochet thread, the little crochet hook (the one that always makes the one I normally work with feel huge after) and I started working. Oh yeah, and I also decided they needed to be sparkly and that would be done by adding beads. Have I mentioned that I’ve never done bead crochet before? It really wasn’t that difficult.
Then, I got the bright idea that one co-worker wasn’t going to get a snowflake. Instead, since this co-worker has had some stress recently, I thought I would make her something else. I found a pattern for a crochet reindeer at LionBrand. And I’ve spent a good portion of this week working on that. And, it’s finally done! So I can go back to the 5 1/2 hour afghan that’s already been longer than 5 1/2 hours. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is the reindeer and snowflakes.
I do have to say, I am very please with myself regarding the reindeer. It’s the first crochet animal I’ve done and I think it turned out well. The biggest issue I had was attaching the pieces.


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