Random Musings (or things to make you go hmmm)

After posting my last entry, I had an idea of something to write. Sadly I wasn’t anywhere near my computer, so I completely forgot what it was. That happens somedays (ok, most days 🙂 )

I was recently commenting to J about my ability to hold crochet hooks. The hooks that I regularly use for afghans are 5-5.55 mm and the one I use for thread is 1.8 mm. Those are pretty small. It somewhat amazes me that I have no problems holding my crochet hooks, yet I now have to use “fat” pens to write with. The conclusion: it’s how I hold my crochet hooks. Which is a relief, I’m not ready to put them down yet, there’s still too much for me to do 🙂

The Giants beat the Packers!!!! This is fabulous for me since I’m a Vikings fan. Now, they just need to beat the Pats at the Superbowl. That or something needs to happen to make Randy Moss ineligible to a) play and b) not receive a ring if his team does. I say this because of the comments he made when traded to Oakland, about how he is now playing for a team that can win the Superbowl.

That’s it for random musings, but let me leave you with two new pictures.

I made this afghan to auction off on April 5th.
Afghan for Auction

This afghan was made using leftover purple from the auction ‘ghan, and the blue and black from J’s. This is the one we’ve been calling The Bruise.
The Bruise

The Bruise up close


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