Sea Snail!

I found Crochetville a few months ago and I love this site! The creativity of everyone is mind blowing! I recently got to test a pattern by one of the designers, KirstieMN and I want to show everyone. Please forgive the lips, they look a little funky. The facial features were left up to the crocheter, and I’m still working on how to make these look good. So here’s Lucy the Sea Snail.


3 Responses to Sea Snail!

  1. Sarah says:

    that’s adorable!
    someday when I have time again (will this be when i’m 76? it’s quite possible), i’ll have to check out your crochet site…


  2. Val says:

    The lips remind me of something and I’m leaning towards Gumby, or maybe some other type of claymation character. I’m still working on that part of it 🙂 As for Crochetville, it’s addicting.


  3. ALF says:

    found your site from duchess jane’s – just wanted to say hi.

    That thing is so cute!


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