Things to make you go Hmmm!

Well, only one is. But that’s coming up. First is two videos that I took a few weeks ago and I am just now getting around to getting them off of my camera card. Again, there is no sound (my birthday is in November if anyone wants to get me a digital camcorder, or at least a camera with sound as part of the camcorder option), but for this it really isn’t needed. As can be seen it was laundry day. I was standing in my ki (that would be kitchen if there was more to it), turned around and this is what I saw.

Tampa has an event each year called Gasparilla. The events I’m aware of are the Invasion of Tampa Bay (I’m only aware that it takes place, no idea what it is), the Kids Parade, an all ages parade on a Saturday afternoon, the Knight Parade – the parades resemble Mardi Gras but with pirates – and the running events. The running events involve a 5k and 15k on one day and a half and full marathon the next day. J signed up for the 5k and I was very proud of him when he finished. Especially since my lazy butt was sitting on the bleachers.

Now, the thing that made me go Hmmm. I was heading to my parents today and saw a bumber sticker that caused a random thought. No offense is meant to anyone by this. The bumper sticker said “We Vote for Pro Life.” Now, nobody can escape that this is an election year and the war is a very very hot topic. Also, I don’t hide the fact I am pro-choice because I don’t believe the government should be telling women what to do with their bodies. I also have huge concerns about what would happen to the young girls and women of our country should abortion be made illegal and what steps those women and girls would then decide to take.

That being said, when I saw the bumper sticker it occurred to me that in general those of the leaders who are pro-life are also the very same leaders advocating for a continued stay in the war that has supposedly ended. Which means more men and women going overseas to possibly come home in a wooden box. And if they don’t come home in a wooden box, for their safety they may be sending someone else’s loved one home in a wooden box. Given the amount of death that has occurred as a result of this war, my random thought was that this doesn’t seem very pro-life.


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