Life’s Little Pleasures

Sadly I am back to my part time job, I started back last night after roughly a week and a half off. So this evening I am working (no, not one of life’s little pleasures), feeling the slight breeze coming in and listening to the rain. The forecast last night called for a cold front to move through and bring rain. This morning was cool, but pleasently so. It stayed pretty consistent through the afternoon and there was a very noticable drop in temperature when I left work this afternoon. And now the rain is here.

Listening to the rain makes me want to get some candles going, put on some soft music, curl up under a blanket in my fabulous chair that’s by the door and read. I’m in a chair right now, just not the one I want to be in. And I can read, but I’m busy working a doily for my doily swap partner. Priorities here people, the doily has to be mailed out by the end of the month, and I have other deadlines as well. So finances being what they are and because I’m being responsible, I guess I’ll just continue to dream about my book and chair. Unless the power goes out like it’s threatening to do right now.

What is your life’s little pleasure right now?


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