Happy Saturday Morning

I’m sitting here multitasking as usual. I’m working on the doily for my partner at the Crochetville doily swap. Since I don’t have the pattern I’m currently using printed out, I have to sit here at my computer. I’m also scanning through a new blog, CraftyCarolinaGirl, mostly looking at the pictures of some pretty cool stuff. She does several differenty types of crafts and it’s pretty cool seeing the different projects she has posted.

J and I watched a new tv show this week, New Amsterdam. I remember seeing the previews for this show (Tuesday was it’s series premier) last summer with all the other previews. But I never saw it on the tv schedules for fall. I couldn’t remember the name or channel it was supposed to be on, and since I don’t have cable I knew it had to be on ABC, NBC, FOX or CW. During the superbowl I saw a commercial for the show and was excited to see it would start on March 4th.

If you haven’t seen the show, Amsterdam is the main character, he is about 400 years old and cannot die until he finds his soulmate. I keep thinking of Highlander while watching, but there are differences. For one, the Highlander never had to find his true love. And there were several immortials, as far as I can tell there’s only one with New Amsterdam. Amsterdam has apparently done several things during his long life, but is currently a NYPD detective. So each show has him solving a mystery while trying to find his true love, in New York (’cause there’s just so few women for him to encounter there alone).

The first episode had him having a heart attack on a subway platform. He’s convined his true love was on the platform and was even the doctor who tried to save him. J agrees with him. Me, I think it could have been any of the women he ran past while chasing down a guy to question. It could even be his new partner. After all, there has only been two episodes and previews for next week shows Amsterdam finding and meeting up with the beautiful doctor. That would be too easy for a show this new.

All right, back to doing laundry (since it’s so perfectly windy I can let my clothes dry outside today!) and crocheting. I really need to finish the two I’m working on so I can start the next couple, all deadline projects. Oh, and a co-worker (V) is found out Thursday what her first baby is going to be, so another co-worker and I will be coordinating on baby gifts to make once V shares the news with us this coming week. Happy weekend everyone!

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