It’s been awhile

So I thought I’d do a quick post and run today. First off, my bike MS goal. I set my goal at $1000 for two reasons. One I thought it’d be fairly easy to get to that goal and two, that’s the amount needed for a jersey. And I want a jersey. As of yesterday, my goal has been met!! One of my parents neighbors very generously donated a whopping $500!!!!! Yay!

Tonight is the silent auction. I’m hoping, wishing, praying and whatever else there is to whatever powers that be there are that it doesn’t rain. Or at least only rains very very early on. Granted that doesn’t usually stop the bikers, they’re pretty dedicated. But no rain equals more people. And since I have some seriously awesome stuff, more people will equal more money raised. Most everything can be seen at my auction preview site. A couple things not added include: 2 adult tickets for the dinner train out of Ft. Myers, they usually do a mystery dinner; 2 tickets for lunch or brunch aboard the StarShip Yacht, they do meal cruises around Tampa Bay; 2 gift certificates for Partylite. I really think I’ll be able to raise a very decent amount of money tonight, money that will go to the MS Society to help fight this stupid disease.

So that’s my Saturday night. We need to be at Plant City by 3 to set up, so before heading there I need to run to Walmart and pick up some snacks for us and some thank you notes. That way all the notes can be writting for the winners in advance! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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