It’s Done!

The auction was held Saturday April 5th, 2008. And while we didn’t raise as much as I was hoping, we still did a very good job. The grand total raised was $808.00! Half of this will actually be matched by my part time job. So I guess that means the eventual total raised will be about $1200. Not too bad.

I think we had two major issues that contributed to not raising as much as we would have liked. One was location. Yes, it’s true what they say in real estate. Location is very important. Plant City’s bike fest is set up like a T, and we were the last space at the end of the left hand arm of the top of the T. Right next to us was a group from Gibsonton, the winter and retirement home of many many circus folks. So we had a gentleman swallowing a sword, amongst other little tricks. Most people would wander down, watch the show and then wander back.

The other issue we had was another fundraiser event, this one an auction and raffle to benefit breast cancer and cancer awareness. Now, I know cancer is another important disease to fight, it’s something that has affected my family and the family of a very close friend of mine. But did they have to fight cancer on the same night I wanted to fight MS?

The ladies fighting cancer had put together around 30 baskets of different items and they raffled those off. They also had a live auction of various items. So even though we had some really cool items to offer, it seemed like an uphill battle.

But we did have a very good time and I’m very thankful for everyone who bid on an item or donated a little bit to us. And I thank everyone else for their support!


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