In Memory

Mom and Dad moved to Florida in 2000. They chose to live in a retirement community, someplace that would help keep Grandpa entertained. The location they decided on for their house was chock full of midwesterners. Their neighbors on one side were from Michigan; the couple across the street, Minnesota; the couple at the end of the street, Wisconsin; another couple at the end of the street, Minnesota (and I think she used to teach and taught one of my uncles); Grandpa’s girlfriend, Michigan. There are many others from that area, including Pete and Yvonne on the other side of Mom and Dad. They were from Wisconsin.

With so many people from Minnesota and Wisconsin around, my parents quickly developed a new tradition. Every year when the Packers play the Vikings at home (Metrodome) they have a party, the border battle. Green and Gold usually outnumbers Purple and Gold, but there isn’t a lack of good natured ribbing taking place. Pete and Yvonne have been at the Border Battle since it’s inception. Sadly Pete won’t be joining us this year.

Sunday, after an amazing 59 years married with Yvonne, Pete passed away. Within the last couple of years he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had also recently fallen and broken his hip, requiring a stay in a nursing rehab facility. Sadly for us his time has come to an end. My family and I were blessed and very privilaged to be allowed to attend his funeral. At his request this was a private, family only event. While it was a very sad occasion, it was also probably one of the most lighthearted funerals I have ever attended. The priest was excellant and keeping just the right tone and reminding us of all the laughs Pete brought into our lives. So today’s post is in memory of Pete.


2 Responses to In Memory

  1. Courtenay says:

    I am so sorry to hear this, Val. Losing loved ones and dear friends is never easy. I am so glad to hear that he was represented well and you were able to attend. Cherish the memories, as I know you and your family will.


  2. MK says:

    WOW Val! Thank you for remembering our Dad like this. That was very sweet of you. Yes, Peter had many health problems, but where here, he wasn’t able to walk and get around like he so desperately wanted, he is now “Dancing in Heaven!” I miss him so very much, “Cheese-head N’ All” 🙂


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