What a way to live!

My apartment complex is not the greatest. But, it’s very affordable, I have my own washer and dryer and I don’t have to pay water. It’s also larger and cheaper than several of the other nicer complexs around, most of which don’t provide a washer and dryer and the tenant pays water. So financially, I’ve got a pretty good deal going. Plus, move in was super easy! Mine is the only building with parking in the front and back, and since I’m on the ground floor, we literally backed the vehicles up to my patio door.

Another great thing about where I live, it’s very centrally located. The mall is about 2 blocks away, I’m about 4-5 miles from work. I have 3 grocery stores within about 6 blocks, including Sam’s club a block away. There’s also several restuarants in the vicinity as well. I suppose technically I wouldn’t need to worry about having a car to go places. Except for the rain and the unbelievable heat that we get in the summer.

Today wasn’t one of those days. Today was absolutely beautiful! J asked if I wanted to go to dinner and we settled on Old Chicago, about 2 blocks away. We decided to enjoy the weather and walked to the restaurant. Within the last year or so Florida passed this wonderful bill that says the restaurant can decide if dogs will be allowed on their outside patios. Old Chicago happens to allow dogs. Since it’s so nice out, a wonderful breeze to keep the heat away, we brough Ciera with and ate outside today. This was the first time I’ve done that and she was such a good girl.

One funny moment did happen. I had the loop of her leash under the table lag, J had gone inside and Ciera was sitting in the spot between our seats. Another couple decided to move from the high top (with no chairs) to the table by us. The guy looked at me and, while passing behind our seats to get to his, said “Don’t worry, I have an affinity with dogs”. Just as he said this, Ciera backed herself away from him by going under my chair. Guess he didn’t have an affinity with C 🙂


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