I can finally post pictures of some recent gifts. Everything has been shipped and opened. I didn’t want to show anything before then since the recipient reads this 🙂

Sarah was one of my college roommates and a wonderful woman. She’s getting married this fall to someone who seems like a perfect match for her. So their wedding present is this (all pictures are clickable):

Not only does she have the excitement of a wedding to prepare for, she is also expecting her first child with her fiance very shortly (within a month). So of course I had to send a gift for Tot. There is a little matching bunny hanging out on the blanket.

Tot will be joining big sister Paige. Growing up my Great Aunt Eleanor would always make sure the non-birthday child had a little something to open, usually it was cheese puffs or something like that. With this in mind, and knowing that there’s going to be a lot of attention on Tot when she arrives, Paige got her own presents.


One Response to Gifts

  1. Hampers says:

    I love to give and take gifts that makes me happy. All the gifts on your blog looks great. The give away look is so cute.


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