Oh the irony…

Actually, I’m not sure if this can be considered ironic or not. But, since this is my blog and therefore my little world, we’re gonna say it is 🙂

Everyone everywhere is getting hit with the high price of gas. Many people are cutting down on extra trips and expenses because they’re having problems affording gas and other necessaties. I’m no different when it comes to the cost of gas. But I finally put my money where my mouth is so to speak and started doing what I’ve been saying I’m going to do. Last Thursday I rode my bike to work. For me, it makes a ton of sense. I live less than 5 miles from work and I belong to the gym at work so I have access to the on site showers. It takes me only slightly longer to bike than it does to drive.

Not only am I so close to work, but I’m also very very centrally located to everything else. Within probably no more than 2 miles I have at least one of: Super Walmart, Sam’s Club (ok, that’s actually only a block away!), Costco, Target, Mall, bookstore (3 within the same distance!), Public and various other stores and restaurants. With everything so close, it really doesn’t make sense to drive every place all the time. Except for the summer heat and the storms. So I’m working on getting some panniers for my bike so I can do my shopping by bike. And I’m trying to ride to work more on days I’m not working my part time job.

That’s how I started out today actually. I got up, packed my work clothes, put on my bike clothes and headed out. And made it less than two miles. This is my irony part. When we did the MS 150 we were kinda laughing at all the uber bikers with the super skinny tires. Those tires tend to blow out a lot quicker and easier than our fatter tires. So neither of us had to have a tire replaced at all during the ride. This morning however, my front tire went flatter than a pancake. And I couldn’t get the cap off of my valve stem to try and fill it up with air to at least ride home. I guess when my chain was being repaired and the guy put some air in my tires, the sealent glued the valve cap in place. So there went my good intentions for today.


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