Quick and Easy Cooking – right up my alley!

My friend Courtenay started a cooking blog showing different things she’s cooked in her new kitchen. Several of these things she’s gotten from the Kraft Food & Family Magazine.  They looked so good, I had to sign up for the magazine myself (psst, it’s free!).  And so far I’m in love with it!

Kraft provides recipes just the way I like them, quick and easy.  There’s not a need to go get one little ingredient that you might have never considered before and will probably not get used for anything else.  The two things we’ve made so far have taken relatively little time to prepare.  And they included ingredients that for the most part I already had.  Or had to re-stock up on. You gotta love recipes like that! And, for those watching the nutrional info on what they eat, the recipes online show the NI, I wish they would in the magazine.

So what have we tried? Our first one was the Extra Cheesey Chicken and Noodles, and there was another meal left over! J said salt and pepper was needed.  I would consider reducing the amount of water used and add some milk and butter.  But overall, very tasty and definitely a make again.

The second we made as the Low Fat Zesty Shrimp and Pasta.  This was originally made Thursday night, with leftovers last night and one more night of leftovers.  For this we used whole wheat spaghetti noodles, since that was what was on hand.  And chicken was added for me.  With our leftovers last night we added more dressing (since J got happy with the noodles and cooked too many 🙂 ) and sliced up some Roma tomatoes.  Very yummy and this would probably work well cold too.

If you’re looking for some new recipes to try, sign up for the magazine! The website also has past issues archived with the recipes still available.  Enjoy!


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