Oh my Eyes!

I live in an apartment complex that’s probably a few steps up from ghetto.  But I’m left alone, for the most part it’s safe and I couldn’t beat the price or location.  So while I work on paying off some bills, I’m here for the time being.  The people (company?) that owns my complex also owns the one across the street and in fact there’s only one leasing office and maintenance staff for both complexes.  And when telling people where I live, I’d tell them it’s the blue apartments.

See? Pretty blue apartments.  The one on the third floor right side of the picture is where the fire was last year.  Someone apparently forgot how to fry chicken and there was a grease fire.  Yep, it’s still being worked on.  This is the building I see out of my patio door, so I saw the wall of flames on that balcony. 

So we have this nice light blue with slightly darker trim.  Then, someone decided to paint the buildings.  Any guesses about what color?

Now it’s a bright terra cotta / orangey color with dreamsicle contrast.  Trust me, the terra cotta color is much brighter in person.  Bleh!  I’m happy they’ve decided to spruce up the place (I better not see an increase in my rent to pay for this ugly color!), but could they also work on the grounds?  See the ground in front of my patio?  See how much grass there is? Yeah, that’s the reason I’m constantly fighting fleas.  It’s more sandy dirt than grass and the perfect breeding ground for sand fleas.  My poor animals.

Speaking of animals, here’s one of Tasha for your enjoyment.  She’s got this thing lately for re-locating pieces of clothing.  And kleenex.  The brat will pull them out of my bedside kleenex box, bring them into the living room and then leave them.  I finally managed to get a picture of her “haul” one day.


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