A Home of their own

Julie and I “meet” about a year ago on a weight watchers message board.  In that time I’ve enjoyed chatting with her, Chele and all of our other regulars, and even those that pop in on occasion.  I’ve also come to consider her a friend. 

Julie is engaged to Rob and they’re heading to Vegas this fall to get married.  Rob’s last name is actually my Mom’s maiden name, I’m not quite sure if we’re actually related or not yet, but it’s a pretty good bet we’re somewhere, somehow cousins.  Julie and Rob are not only busy planning their wedding, they also just purchased their first house together and are working on making it theirs in more than just paperwork. 

Julie has been sharing with us the searching and waiting for their new home.  And because I think of her as a friend, I wanted to send them a house warming present.  So one day, under the guise of wanting to know their decorating plans (I really did want to know that), I asked Julie what colors they choose for paints.  Then, I turned to Chele and asked her to be my partner in crime.  Chele happily conspired with me regarding colors and even provided me with Julie’s address.  So Julie and Rob had no idea until the package arrived on their doorstep that a housewarming present was winging it’s way to them 🙂 

This is what I sent Julie and Rob.  It’s called Loretta’s Starburst Hotpad Pattern.  The picture is clickable so you can see it bigger.

I love this pattern, it goes so quickly, and they can look so different just by changing colors.  I’m part of the Summer Secret Swap at the ‘Ville, and between that and other stuff, I’m in the middle of several projects.  These took me about 3 days max.  For my fellow hookers, all of these were made using Lily Sugar n Cream (and I didn’t even make a dent in what I recently bought!).  The small one was made with a G hook, the orange and green with an I.  And the big one was 2 strands held together with either a J or K hook. 


3 Responses to A Home of their own

  1. Yasmin says:

    It’s a real sweet housewarming gift ! I love those hotpads . They are lovely. Where can I find this pattern ? I’d love to make some for gifts .


  2. craftycritter says:

    They’re Loretta’s Starburst Hotpad’s found at http://www.crochetmemories.com/archive/lorettasstarbursthotpad.html. When Googling for the website last night, one of my returns was a Ravelry video. I haven’t watched it yet, but I think it may show how to attach them together to form the petals.


  3. […] (pull name(s) from a hat!) someone to receive a homemade gift.  Perhaps you’ll receive a Starburst Hotpad of your […]


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