Rainbows and Sunshine

I can remember being at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, sitting on the floor watching The Last Unicorn.  Over twenty years later, I can still remember not only the over all story line, but also several scenes.  I loved The Last Unicorn, I loved the magic involved, I loved the climax and of course the ending.  I loved it all.  Even at that young age, I very roughly understood the message behind the story. 

Thursday after work I had to stop by Target for a couple of things.  While heading for what I needed, I passed the displays at the end of the checkouts, including a bunch of movies for $9.44.  Any guesses as to what I impulsively bought?  You got it!

The Last Unicorn 

I haven’t sat down and watched it yet.  But hopefully sometime this weekend I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane.  And I’m sure while I’m watching this, I’ll be transported back to that floor in front of the tv at Grandma and Grandpa’s.


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