Think Pink! Help save the Ta-Tas!

I’ve done Weight Watchers several times over the years.  And I like hanging out at the message boards.  They’re just like every day life, you get happy, sad, snarky and some one just has to shake their head at and wonder.

One of the boards I frequently lurk on has a bunch of women who are dedicated to doing what they can to help fight breast cancer.  Several of these women get together for Boston’s Susan G Koman Race for the Cure.  Last year (I’m pretty sure last year was the first year) they came up with a wonderful idea to do an online auction.

People provide so many wonderful items.  This year they have the cookbook back that was created by Team GDT.  There are home made candles, homemade jams, paintings and several other amazing items by so many talented and creative people.  The Team GDT Auction is a great place to do a little gift shopping.  Maybe treat yourself to something special.  And while you’re doing that, you’ll be helping to fight against Breast Cancer.

I’m also currently working on an item to auction off.  I searched for a picture of a pink ribbon that I liked and I’m working on turning it into an afghan.  As soon as I get further along on it, I plan on providing this information to those running the auction so that they can add this.  But for your viewing pleasure, here’s the picture I choose:

This picture has become this graph:

So check out Team GDT and check it often.  New items being offered for auction are posted all the time.  And help to save the Ta-ta’s! 


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