Hearts all around

I was lucky enough to test the Heart of a Childsquare designed by Smoothfox at Crochetville.  I LOVED this pattern! It’s so quick and easy and finishes up beautifully!  I thank her so much for letting me test this pattern.  I was able to make three of these while working my 6 hours last night.  The first one took a little longer, simply because it was a new pattern and as a tester I needed to watch for mistakes, confusions and make notes regarding that.

The first one is going to go to Sissie44at Crochetville.  She has committed to making 100 lapghans for Christmas for seniors at the assisted living/nursing home her friend works at.  Because she said yes before she knew how many were actually needed, Sissie turned to Crochetville for help.  The larger purple one (the top one) will be going to SmoothFox per her request to help make afghans for charity.  The smaller purple one, I’m not sure yet.  We’ll see on that.  Enjoy! And if you knit, crochet, sew, tie together fleece or have some gently used lap sized blankets around you’re looking to get rid of, all help is still appreciated and needed!

Pictures are clickable


One Response to Hearts all around

  1. Yasmin says:

    Beautiful square and you’ve done a great job of it. Good thing that it’s going for charity. Wonderful cause.


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