Time’s Flying

I know, I’ve been a bad blogger.  But life has been pretty much the same lately, so there really hasn’t been anything to write about. 

Oh, wait!  There is something new!  My day job is running out of room to put people.  Seriously!  We keep hearing about all these other departments laying people off, and we have too much work, not enough people and more in training every time we have a department meeting (which is usually once a month or so).  That meant something had to be done regarding our space issues.  Apparently we can’t just take another department (or several) and put them in an area more suited to their size(s) and take over their area.  Instead, management has decided to pilot work at home (AWS)! 

So I’m on my second week of working at home.  It’s been very nice because I’ve actually gotten a bit more sleep.  I’m still working on my determination to get up and walk my dog in the morning.  That hasn’t happened yet this week.  But other than that, it’s been pretty good.  I don’t have to worry about getting up to get dressed and drive to work.  Gas hasn’t really been much of an issue for me yet, I only live about 4 miles from work.  But I’m getting more sleep now!  Today I even took a short nap at lunch time. 

The down side of this, we’ll be sharing desks with someone else at work along with the cubicle.  The desk won’t be just mine anymore.  Everyone is taking home all personal items since it’ll just be easier.  Another down side, infomercials.  Today there was one on for the Pasta N More.  This was a slightly longer commercial placed in with all the other commercials.  But this thing seemed pretty cool and I want one!

So three days a week I get the chance to sleep a little longer, love and pet the animals anytime throughout the day (they spend their day crashed out wherever they feel like it) and work in my pj’s.  Not a bad life 😀


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