It’s Started!

Last year while fundraising and preparing for the bike MS 150 I had noticed the name of a lady that seemed to rock at the fundraising.  Sadly, she didn’t end up being the highest individual fundraiser.  But she still did very very well. 

One day at work I got an email from someone named Meghan who was asking me about the interview I did for our company paper during disability month.  She mentioned that her mom was recently diagnosed and that she, her husband and other family members were doing the bike MS 150 also.  And it clicked for me!  This Meghan at work was the same Meghan whose name I was seeing for so long as the top fundraiser. 

Meghan and I met in person on the second day of the ride.  When the ride was done and we were settled back into our regular routines we started email to see how it went, how we liked it, etc.  We’re both undecided about riding next year thanks to the hills.  If we don’t ride, we do plan on volunteering.  But, that’s not stopping us from trying to create a team.

To borrow and adjust Julie’sphrase, Meghan and I work for a HAC (huge ass company).  Our office in Tampa consists of five buildings and over 3000 employees.  And I’m pretty sure those employees include temps, and I don’t think that number includes the contractor companies we have – Aramark, our security and maintenance.  So with that number of people, Meghan and I connecting feels a little like finding a needle in a haystack!  But Meghan isn’t the only one I connected with that weekend.

During the course of the ride I noticed a gentleman wearing a jersey with HAC’s logo on it.  I went up to him and commented that I didn’t know HAC had a sponsored team.  I learned that the Tampa campus, which he works at, doesn’t.  But the Jacksonville campus (JAX) which his daughter works at does.  And he joined that team and would be riding with them in September. 

Thursday Meghan and I met with one of our HR reps to discuss what steps we need to take to start a team.  Sadly, and understandably, the MS Society is not a corporate sponsored charity, therefore the HR rep’s hands are somewhat tied in what he can do.  And we have to be very careful and walk a very fine line while recruiting people.  But, remember the JAX team I mentioned?  I found the captain of that team and sent him an email.  Meghan and I are going to be talking with him Monday to see how they got set up, how they were able to advertise for riders and volunteers for an event that solicits money and potentially may even become an offshoot of their team!  He said that HAC has 15 teams that participate in the walk and bike events around the country!  Last year his team of 226!! raised over $110,000!  Needless to say, Meghan and I are very very excited to get all of this started!

So, anyone in Florida or interested in heading to Florida next spring for the bike MS, wanna join our team?  If you do, go to my about page and send me a message!  We’d love to have you!


3 Responses to It’s Started!

  1. Mom Craftycritter says:

    Check with Dr. Tallo of Clark & Doughtery. Last year he had to ride with the Heart of Florida team because there was no team at Clark & Doughtery.


  2. ALF says:

    You live in Tampa?!? I used to live in Largo and work in Tampa! I miss it so much sometimes.


  3. craftycritter says:

    Yep, been here since 2003. I knew you lived in FL from you blog, but I didn’t know you lived in this area!


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