Going for the Gold!

Crochetville is doing a Crochet Games of Ancient Greece as a tie in to the Olympics.  Winning “Gold” is pretty simple.  You have to accomplish your goal during the time frame of the actual Olympics.  Seems pretty simple right?  Well, the goal has to be something that’s a challenge for you to do.

So, I’m still doing the pink ribbon afghan, and there’s a winner!  I also signed up for the games.  I’m doing a round ripple lapghan and making enough squares to put together for a second lapghan.  These are going to help fulfill Sissie’s request of 100 lapghans for senior citizens for Christmas.  Why is this a challenge for me?  Well, it’s a challenge because I have 16 days to complete 2!!  But I’m sure that I can do it.  And it’s a lot of fun 😀

I invite anyone that can create blankets in anyway to help us out if you’d like to.  Just contact me for more information 😀

In the meantime, I’m going to go crochet my fingers off.  I think I’m down to 14 days to complete this.


One Response to Going for the Gold!

  1. ALF says:

    Good luck with all the crocheting!


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