And the Gold goes to…

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, crocheters and supporters of all ages! We have a new Gold Medal winner! Introducing….PRISZM!  Priszm, tell us, how long did it take you to complete your challenge:

Priszm: Well, Pat, I managed to amaze even myself this time! I managed to complete one round ripple and one lapghan made up of squares in exactly one week! I actually had 7 of the 24 squares needed for the lapghan completed going into the games, and I was able to make the remaining 17, join them and put on a border in record time! I started the Saturday after the games and finished last night at about 11:15 EST.

Announcer: I heard you’d had some supply problems? Is that true?

Priszm: Sadly yes! I decided at the last minute to join the games and signed up Thursday evening. I knew what I wanted to do for the RR, but I wanted a third color for it and I wasn’t quite content with the colors I had on hand to go with the blue for the lapghan squares. So I had to make a mad dash to Joann’s on Saturday to stock up on supplies and I was very grateful to find colors and yarns that fit in with my vision. Not only that, but I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the blue to do a complete round of the border. This skein I had gotten from someone off of Craigslist, and was part of a bunch of other yarn brands that haven’t been in existance for years and years. Again, I was very lucky to find an almost perfect match to what I was using!

Announcer: Now that you’re finished, what’s next for you?

Priszm: I need to finish the pink ribbon afghan I designed, someone won the bidding on that and I hope to have it to her within a month. I also want to have more squares done and sent to Sissie by October. I’m thinking of at least one other RR for her as well. I still have plenty of the yellow, red and blue from my games projects which should make a great RR. And after all of that, I have hotpads to complete for Christmas gifts. And, from the Every Happy House needs CAL, someone had to point out Irish Chain quilts and now I really really wanna make some of those with saltines. I’ll definitely be a busy  crocheter. But what a good thing to be 🙂

Announcer: Well, congratulations again! We look forward to seeing pictures of your completed items. Now, off you go to cheer on all the other participants.

Priszm: Of course, especially the members of Team Sissie44!


And of course, pictures

This is the first one I completed.  It’s 42″ inches across (if I remember right) and was made by holding two strands together throughout.  It’s a bit brighter than shows in the picture.

This one was made using Smoothfox’s Heart of a Child square.  I love how quickly it works up and I think it looks so nice when put together.  Even though I used cream instead of white, I also think this has a slight patriotic feel to it.


2 Responses to And the Gold goes to…

  1. sissie says:

    These are so pretty and I do not know how I will ever be able to thank you enough for all you are doing to help me with these lapghan!



  2. craftycritter says:

    You’re welcome! It’s a bit selfish on part though. It lets me still crochet and not run out of people to give things to 😀


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