I got an unexpected night off of work! 

I moved to Florida October 2003.  I left Minnesota almost three years to the date after my parents and I lived with them for awhile when I first moved down here.  They choose Lakeland because it’s about halfway between Tampa and Orlando and it was far enough inland that it should just get wind and rain in the event of a hurricane.  The following summer Polk County got hit by not 1, but 3 hurricanes. 

The first one, Charlie (which I still think should have been Clyde, after all, Bonnie was the B name that year!), was projected to come ashore at Tampa.  Instead it decided to visit Punta Gorda and Ft. Myers.  Fay decided to take the same general path as Charlie and came ashore at approximately the same area. 

So my day has been pretty quiet, there’s been a bit of wind, but no rain and it has been cloudy.  That meant I was working today.  And I was scheduled to work 6-midnight at my part time job tonight.  But, the company apparently decided to have only essential personnal in as a precaution.  Of course, I figured that since none of us got hit by Fay, we were still business as usual.  So I took a nap, hauled butt to get dinner and logged in.  I’m going through my different programs and on our intranet see an update regarding Fay.  An update that says no one is working today! 

So while it sucks that Fay couldn’t have just fizzled away, I am happy I’m not working 😀


3 Responses to Woohoo!

  1. sissie says:

    it is great to get a day off isn’t it? all of my family lives in fla also and fay went right across my son but all is ok other than a lots of water! now my daughter and the rest of my family is waiting for it:(



  2. ALF says:

    Hey wait! Did we already discuss that I used to live in Tampa? We probably did and I am just slow. If that is the case – sorry.


  3. craftycritter says:

    Yep, we did. At least somewhat 😀 I responded to you on that someplace. Might have been here, might have been on yours. I don’t remember that part either 😀

    Sissie, we finally got some rain. Not a ton, it was more in line with what we normally get.


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