It’s All Bon Bons, Soap Operas and yarn

So far my vacation is fabulous!  Mom and I had a good time at the craft show on Saturday.  We both got a wonderful lilac candle, it has gel chunks in with the wax (soy?) and smells sooo good!  Living in FL, I really miss Lilacs and I’m in rapture anytime I find something that actually has the strong smell of Lilacs.  This candle definitely does.  The maker says it’s because gel holds the scent more and longer, and there’s chunks of gel throughout, so it looks to me like there’s jello squares throughout 😀  I was also able to get a Christmas gift and I got an idea for another one.

Yesterday was Busch Gardens.  The only time I’ve ever been to Busch Gardens, I went on 2 rides, both roller coasters and then we went to see Lonestar.  This time I got to go on all the rides I wanted to go on, except the water rides.  I also got to see the animals and flowers.  I feed a Llama, but they wouldn’t let me bring him home 😦  We didn’t go on the water rides because there were too many people waiting (it was hot as blazes!) and we didn’t want to be squishing around in wet shoes and socks.  That’s not fun.

Today I got to sleep until 10:30.  I’m feeling nice and rested, and I plan on straightening and re-arranging my closet.  I got a new Sterilite container Sunday to place all of my new cotton yarns and I need to make room for it in my closet.  What a vacation, huh? Cleaning and arranging 😀 

Finally, here’s some recent completed projects!  This is a small bag I made following the wheelchair bag pattern I found on Crochet Pattern Central.  It’s being used to hold some personal items at work since I now not only share a cubicle, but also a desk and drawers with someone.

My Delivery Confirmation number shows my package has been delivered.  This was made as a wedding gift for a really good friend.  It breaks my heart I couldn’t go to the wedding, but there was no way I could do so financially.  So I sent her some wonderful gifts (I think so anyway 😀 ).  The recipe card box was a pre-made one I got at Michael’s.  J helped me pick out a stain, and paint colors for the stencil.  He did the clear coating and putting back on of hardware for me (since he put glue in the holes!).  I included in the box a pack of 3×5 index cards, some are set up as dividers, some have recipes already on and the rest are blank for them.  I also put a small stamp on the cards and a slightly larger one on the divider cards.  They somewhat tie into the stencil on the box.








Finally, if you recall, I requested your favorite recipe as a gift, yes that was for the wedding set above.  Thank you to those that helped out!  I drew a name and the winner was Courtenay!  I made her and her husband two of my favorite hotpads in colors to match their kitchen.  Thankfully they have pics showing what their kitchen looks like, it made it easy to surprise them 😀

Now, I’m off to re-arrange my closet, do laundry and work on the pink ribbon afghan!


One Response to It’s All Bon Bons, Soap Operas and yarn

  1. Toni says:

    Love those hotpads.


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