I got presents!

I participated in the Summer Secret Pals Swap at C’Ville.  This was my first secret pals swap and I had a lot of fun doing it!  My UKSP, unknown secret partner, actually ended up sounding a lot like me.  She lives in WI right now, but used to live in FL.  We both love to read, and found out we like a lot of the same things.  I really enjoyed getting to know her, and was very pleasantly surprised by my final gifts from her.

 This is package one.  It included some wonderful patterns, an ice cream maker and scoop, two books, some thread hooks, a yarn cutter pendant and several skeins of some gorgeous yarns!



 Package two included more patterns!  Including a snowflake pattern book and an amigumari book (stuffed animals).  Two totes, more books to read, more hooks, some wonderful scissors (J says they’re a high quality brand.  Who knew scissors came in high quality brands?), a yarn tainer, chocolate!  And even more beautiful yarn!  I already have plans for the purple in the foreground 😀

So, after being spoiled with those two packages, imagine my surprise when I received a THIRD yesterday!  This one included another pattern book, this one for dishcloths! A penguin beach towel, stuff for making ice cream, including sauce!, cotton yarns, two other skeins, a Frisbee and bubbles!  Like I said, I was completely spoiled by this wonderful person!



But, I wasn’t the only one to enjoy my surprises! Nope, Tasha decided the box was apparently her gift 😀






So remember I said I had plans for the purple yarn?  Well, a bunch of wonderful ladies at C’Ville are planning on doing Irish Chain Quilt ‘Ghans.  They’re very pretty, and will be so easy to do as crochet.  Here’s an example of what I’m hoping to eventually do.  I want to do the Double Chain with the chain in purples.  I’m having problems decided on the third color though.  I originally was thinking a silvery grey, but now, I’m not sure.  While silvery grey would look good, I think cream might make it look warmer.  Take a look and tell me what you think!


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