Time has flown by

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is my last day of vacation.  It’s been a wonderful week and a half of sleeping in.  Not too many naps though 😦 I was hoping for more.  But between sleeping in and cleaning, I didn’t get many of those.  And I still had to work my part time job.

It’s been a pretty quiet week, for the most part.  I didn’t quite get done all the cleaning I’d planned; life threw a monkey wrench at me.  I woke up Wednesday with a very crimped neck and shoulder.  I’m still not sure what I did while sleeping.  But today is the first day I’ve really been pain free.  Thursday Mom ended up having a surprise surgery.  She’s doing well and they even sent her home Friday.  The rest of the weekend has been a lot of running around, but it’s been productive!

I’m close to being done with the pink ribbon afghan.  I was hoping to be a lot closer after my week off.  But I’d estimate I’m at around 80% finished.  I also finally decided on a headboard for my bed too; J and I are going to make it based off a memory board we saw at Big Lots.  The fabric is picked out.  We just need to get the wood and some buttons.  He keeps saying I don’t need them, it’ll look fine without them.  And yes, it will.  But dang it.  I like how they looked on the board we saw at Big Lots.  I want them on my head board. 

So, what’s been up with all of you?


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