It’s getting there!

I’ve been hunting for a headboard for quite awhile.  It’s got to fit several criteria. 

1) Cheap! For a couple of reasons.  One, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it and two, unlike most headboards, this probably isn’t going to be my long term one.  I’m hoping living situations will be different in a year or two and that means a king size bed instead of my current queen.  Plus, even if it’s my current queen, it’s still not going to be my long term headboard.

2) It’s just really gotta jump out at me and say, this is it!  This is what you want! After all, no matter how cheap, it’s still gonna cost me money. 

About a month ago J and I were in Big Lots.  We were looking at what they have for beds, which is grossly expensive, just like everywhere else.  Heading out of the store, we took a turn down the craft aisle.  This was to see if there was any yarn I wanted that was cheap.  Everything there was butt ugly.  But! I found my headboard!  Well, the idea that was to become my headboard.

That is the inspiration for my new headboard!  Except I didn’t like the colors.  My bedskirt is burgendy (maroon? is there really much of a difference?).  My comforter, which is in the closet right now, is burgendy for the primary color, with olive green, pink, cream and gold.  Covering my bed is this:


So my original plan, when I went fabric shopping, was something red, cream and gold.  I walked out of Joann’s with chocolate brown, and this gorgeous brocade.  J helped me buy the wood and wonderful man that he is, he cut the wood and put the frames together for me.  I put batting on and tonight we got the first frame covered with fabric!  Woohoo!  By this weekend I might have all three done.  But, baby blanket comes first – don’t worry Mom! You’ll have it in time for the shower.  I promise you’ll even have it in time to wash before wrapping. 😀


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