I’ve been very busy lately.  Mom asked how long it would take me to do a baby afghan for an upcoming baby shower.  So I got this started and finished in about a week! 





I used a size J hook and Lion Pound of Love in the brighter pink and yellow.  To go along with the afghan, I also made these:

  I found the pattern for these on the Michael’s website and they were sooo fast to make!

Last week I sent out two boxes.  One went to the winner of the Pink Ribbon and the other went to Sissie and contained afghans and squares for her seniors for Christmas.  Included in one of those boxes was this:

 This is a Haekelbeutel, or also known as an H bag.  Again, super easy to make and I used the Vanna’s Choice yarns I received from my summer secret pal.  This was made a little bit smaller than recommended as I only had one skein of the solid purple color.  I didn’t get a chance to line it, so I hope the recipient will forgive me.  I literally finished this the same day I sent everything out 😀

If you want to see more amazing and gorgeous creations, check out this CAL!



I also mostly finished my fat bottom bag.  I keep going back and forth on what I want for handles, and I think I’ve decided.  Which means another trip to my favorite store.  So once I have it done, I’ll post a picture of it as well.

So what’s next?  Some Christmas items and I’m finally going to get started on my Double Irish Chain afghan!


3 Responses to Finishitis!

  1. loremor says:

    I just started a starghan nad I chose yellow and pink also! I was leery abotu the color choice but yours looks so good! I’m a little more confident mine will also turn out nice…


  2. craftycritter says:

    Ohhh I can’t wait to see a picture!


  3. sissie says:

    The purse is great thank you so much!! and thank you also for all the help you have been to me this year making all the Lapghans for the seniors

    Big hugs,


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