Mmm mmm yummy!

First, I need to direct your attention to this blog.  The owner is holding a contest and shows some beautiful sock yarn.  So hop over and see how pretty the colors are together!

Done?  Checked out all the pretty yarn?  Ok, welcome back :D.  Now onto the yummy part.  J and I have delved into the Kraft Food and Family magazine again this week.  The first dish you must try and the Chicken and Biscuits

See, doesn’t that look yummy?  It is!  And of course, super easy.  Rather than taking the easy way out and buying pre-cooked chopped chicken, I cooked and chopped my own.  It worked out great, except it needed some seasoning.  The chicken needed it while it was being cooked and possibly the whole thing needed some.  Definitely some salt and pepper.  I’m not sure what else.  But this is something that will be made again.

The second item I made yesterday – the Triple Layer Peanut Butter Brownies

Oh my are these good!  I had to make some changes when making these.  I thought I had another thing of peanut butter.  Well, I did, but it was chunky.  And I didn’t have a full three squares of semi-sweet baking chocolate.  So my chocolate layer had 2 1/2 squares of semi-sweet and 1/2 square bittersweet.  And it worked out well.  For chocolate and peanut butter lovers I highly recommend these!


2 Responses to Mmm mmm yummy!

  1. adrienne says:

    i want some of those brownies. you want my mailing address?!


  2. craftycritter says:

    They’re almost gone. But so easy to make!


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