This ‘n That

Today my local Petco had the Luv Your Pet vets giving shots.  Mine are due, as the county was kind enough to remind me.  So, I loaded the cats into their carriers, put Ciera in the car and suffered through plaintive meow’s for the 5 minutes or so it took me to get to Petco.

I was fourth in line.  Yay!  That meant I didn’t have a hugely long wait.  Ciera gets her shots and they take blood to do the heartworm test.  Boris is up next.       

Now, isn’t this the sweetest, most innocent looking kitty you’ve seen?  Boris is the one who comes to see me every night when I go to bed and insists on “fluffing” my stomach.  He’s also the one who rubs up against my legs when I’m working. 

This sweet, innocent little boy had no problems getting shots last year.  This year he totally flipped out!  They took us into a bathroom so they could try and get him out of the kennel and the poor kitty flipped out!  He was hissing, clawing and biting the poor vets.  I felt soooo bad because he didn’t do this last year.  I had no idea that was going to be the response he gave.  But I couldn’t stay in the bathroom while they were trying to get him to give him shots.  I just couldn’t watch.  J had a very good idea.  I need to see if there’s something I can give him to keep him nice and relaxed next time.  That or he just needs to not be in the carrier and I need to be the one to hold him.

Now for the that.  Tonight I had another yummy meal from the Kraft Food and Family magazine.  Tonight’s meal was Capellini Caprese made with angel hair pasta and no basil.   This was very good and works very well as a light main dish or even as a side dish.  I can easily see in the future adding chicken that’s either been marinated in the dressing or cooked with italian herbs for flavoring.  This makes a nice alternative to those nights of spaghetti.


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