My new bag!

Isn’t it gorgeous?



The pattern is called Fat Bottom Bag (FBB) and it’s from the book Stitch ‘n bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker.  It’s made with Bernat Satin in the color Bordeaux held with a strand of Patons Brillant in Beautiful Burgundy.  I had picked up the Patons awhile ago on clearance for $1, normally priced at $4.99.  I was thinking of using it for an H bag and then got the idea to use it for the FBB.  I was delighted when I was able to perfectly match it to another color and I adore the fabric I found to line it.  I need to do a closure of some kind.  I haven’t decided what yet.  And the handles are cording that’s found with the other drapery items.  But I wanted something that would hang from my shoulder and everything else I found just wasn’t right. 

J had to help display my beautiful new bag too.  Isn’t he cute?


3 Responses to My new bag!

  1. I love your bag… the silk lining sets it off so well…. of course the model in the last picture does not show your bag at it’s best but he’s cute too…


  2. Dad says:

    WOW I have never seen J look so good. Fits him just right.


  3. ALF says:

    That is excellent. My husband would do exactly the same thing.


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