Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

It really has been beautiful here lately.  The weather has cooled down enough that I can open my windows and turn off the AC.  Ciera has benefited, I took her for a walk during my lunch period while working at home Monday and Tuesday.  She was a happy pooch 😀

That’s not the only reason it’s beautiful right now.  Saturday Mom and I were talking about the economy and as a point, Mom mentioned that her travel agency had just received notification from Royal Caribbean (RCCL) about a cruise to the Bahamas for $199.  In passing I mentioned it to J.  We are now booked on the Monarch of the Seas leaving January 19th for the exotic ports of call of Nassau and CocoCay!!  We even splurged and got an ocean view cabin.  Our total??  $292 per person!!!!  Woohoo!

Today I got a very informative email from a very good friend.  It contains some very exciting news!  Apparently researchers in Great Britain have found that a Leukemia drug is not only able to slow down the progression of MS, but has also shown to make some repairs to damaged nerves!  The article is here.  In the past I’ve discussed participating in clinical trials for oral meds with my Neurologist, but because one of my lesions is directly on my spinal cord at my C2 level, he’s advised against them.  This is one clinical trial I would dearly love to participate in.  But, I’ll be patient and wait until this proceeds further. 

Folks, this is why I participated in the bike MS 150 last year.  Money raised from that event held throughout the US helps fund clinical trials and research so that researchers can make breakthroughs like this.  And think, if a Leukemia drug can help MS patients, maybe someday an MS drug can help those suffering from something else.  And that’s why I’m participating in the bike MS again this year!


2 Responses to Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

  1. ALF says:

    Cruises are so much fun. I’m jealous!


  2. […] that fabulous cruise deal J and I got?  If you need reminding, check out this post.  So yeah.  Fabulous cruise deal on a cruise that has a formal night.  I like formal night.  […]


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