Help please!

And thank you!  I have a dilemma.  I recently purchased some very pretty yarns in 3 shades of pink and 1 of green.

 Dusty Rose                  Pink                                             Antique Rose

  Dusty Green

I was originally planning on making this:

The white would have been the dusty green.  But, the crocheting of the white area wasn’t working for me.  So, onto plan B.





So I made up a square using the pink where the white is, Antique Rose where the dark green in the center is, and Dusty Rose where the light green is.  The dark green between the squares is the Dusty Green.  Now, I do like out this turned out.  BUT, the square is only 6″, and according to the pattern, it should be 8″.  I already used a larger hook than suggested, so I’d really have go up in size to get a larger square, or make a bazillion 6″ squares.


Here’s where I need your help.  I can continue with the square size I already have and make an H bag; I can start over on the square with a larger hook to make it larger.  Or I can go to the standby Round Ripple and I would “paint” the pinks, similar to what I did with this one.








This is going to be a Christmas gift (no, not for any of you who reads this 😀 ) so I need to get working on it!  Please please help me decide!!  Thank you!  Oh, and for incentive, there’ll be a after New Year’s gift for a random winner 😀


4 Responses to Help please!

  1. Sara says:

    I say go with the afghan with a bigger hook or the H bag. It really depends on what you think the recipient would use or appreciate more. Personally, I like blankets, so that’s why I voted for the afghan. 😀 I do like your color choices. Good luck with your decision.


  2. Ann says:

    I voted for the RR mostly because, well, I just love them LOL!


  3. Chars says:

    I voted for choice a – only cause I think this pattern is really sweet and since you originally planned to make an afghan – then you should stick to making an afghan – good luck getting it finished in time 🙂


  4. sissie says:

    I think you should go with the RR for two reasons, first they are fun and fast!! Christmas is ONLY 54 days!! and second I think the colors you have chosen will look great in the RR:)

    Good luck making up your mind:)



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