Bring on the White Coat

Because I’m getting committed!  And I’m telling you all about it 😀  No, it’s not a mental issue.  Actually, there might be a bit of that there.  And it’s not really the doctors in the white coats coming for me.  I promise.

Remember that fabulous cruise deal J and I got?  If you need reminding, check out this post.  So yeah.  Fabulous cruise deal on a cruise that has a formal night.  I like formal night.  It’s a chance to play dress up and use the beautiful dresses I have.  Only problem is, I fell off the the weight watchers wagon a long time ago.  Actually, I’m not entirely sure I was completely on the wagon.  Maybe being dragged along.  Yeah, that’s it.  I was being dragged along.  Occasionally on my feet running, other times the wagon was pulling me.  So I eventually cut the rope and was left in the dust.

But no more.  Since cutting the rope I’ve gained back no more than ten pounds.  Not bad, and I know it’s because I continued with going to the gym.  BUT, I leave for my cruise in less than twelve weeks.  Twelve short weeks people!  And I have dresses I want to wear on my cruise!  Beautiful dresses that don’t fit right now.  So, it’s time to do something.  And I am, I’m being committed.  It’s time for me to do what I know how to do, what I know works. 

I have eleven and a half weeks before I leave.  Doing what I know how to do, I know I can lose an average of 2 pounds a week.  That should hopefully get me into one of my dresses, fingers crossed it’s the one I want.  And if that dress is still a bit snug, I’m ok with that – it’s strapless.  A bit tight will help it stay up 😀  I started tracking my food yesterday, on a day I had an event for my part time job.  An event that had cake!  I’m proud to say, I didn’t have any.  In fact, I turned down the offer of Reese’s peanut butter cups today, which I absolutely love!

So, here’s to changing my eating habits and having a healthy life!  And here’s to fitting in dresses in 11 1/2 weeks!


2 Responses to Bring on the White Coat

  1. Courtenay says:

    You can SO do this. I will be your biggest cheerleader.


  2. sissie says:

    I am so with you here!! I fell of the wagon and got ran over by it a long time ago!!:(( I have been tring so hard to get back on it but it is so easy to find reasons not too! I use to do WW’s also and did great but now 5 years later and moved to a new state and lots of weight back on I can not get my mind back on track!
    I know you can do this and we are all here to cheer you on!!



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