Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, it’s not for a couple more days.  This year I’m changing decades.  I’m gonna be…30!!  I’m gonna be old! (Disclaimer – for some reason, I think I’m gonna be old, everyone I know over 30, I don’t think they’re old, this only applies to me)  I’m normally the type of person who doesn’t like a big fuss for her birthday.  I’ve always hated when Mom and Dad would have the serving staff bring cake when we went to dinner.  But this year I wanted to have a party.  I knew who I wanted to invite, but I couldn’t figure out what to do or where to go.  A couple of the invitees have children, and I wanted to include the children in the event. 

I thought about dinner, but unless we went to McDonald’s, I couldn’t afford dinner for everyone.  I thought about dancing, which would leave out some of the people I would invite but I wasn’t sure about my own energy, thanks to the MS.  My apartment isn’t big enough for everyone, unless I moved my furniture out.  Then it might have fit most of everyone.  Most of the guests were being invited from my city, so Mom and Dad’s was a bit too far away.  Final result?  We went bowling!  And, except for the jerk on the league, we had a lot of fun!  J and some of the others actually bowl at this alley on a Sunday league, so last night they just relaxed and had fun.  Not that they don’t while in league.  But in league they aren’t allowed to use bumpers.  Or throw granny style, with their non-dominant hand or any of that other goofy stuff.  Last night they did. 

We all had a good time.  Mom and Dad weren’t bowling, but decided they wanted to throw a couple of my balls.  Mom got a baby fix since one couple brought they baby girl who just recently turned 1.  My favorite little guy in the world was there.  He just turned 5 and is already up to my chest!  He’s gonna be one big boy eventually!  And such a ladies man.  Once his hormones kick in, his parents are gonna have a heck of a time with him.  But he has a heart of gold, so at least he’ll do what he can to not hurt the millions of girls who fall for him 😀

Here’s pictures from the party.  Please forgive the quality.  Remember the jerk league guy?  Yeah, he yelled at me for using my flash and my camera apparently wasn’t interested in playing nice with no flash.










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