So far, so good

I re-joined Weight Watchers to help me try and lose some weight so I can fit into my dresses when we go on our cruise.  Yesterday was my first week weigh in date.  This followed J’s birthday a week and a half ago, his dad’s birthday this past Friday, and my birthday on Tuesday.  So there was some not quite so good for me items.  And I let myself indulge a little bit.  Mostly at my party on Saturday. 

So heading to weigh in yesterday I fully accepted the possibility of a gain.  After all, I had cake, and a few drinks, and some mozzarella sticks.  I didn’t go super overboard with any of it, but I did have it.  And that was after refusing cheese cake on Friday night.  But, I’m happy to say, I actually lost a little bit yesterday.  I was down .4, and hey, it’s a loss so I’ll take it!  That just means I’m that much closer to my goal for the cruise.


3 Responses to So far, so good

  1. sissie says:

    good luck with WW’s and way to go on the 4 pounds! I am back in the gym this week and also back to WW’s myself. I have reach the point that I have to do something or die one!!
    maybe by me following your weight loss here it will also help me to keep on track:)

    good luck and I will be praying for you


  2. craftycritter says:

    You can do it! I just wish I had more gym time. But, oh well. That’s life 😀


  3. ALF says:

    Way to go! I agree…a loss is a loss. And a cruise?!? I’m so jealous!


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