Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful Christmas! 

J and I are heading over to my parents later this afternoon for dinner and presents.  And of course Ciera will get to go with.  I’ve already told her she’s going to see Mom and Dad and Lacey.  Her ears prick up each time I tell her.  And the last time when I got up she thought that meant it was time to go. 

My uncle is in town and brought his lady friend with him.  He hasn’t dated anyone, as far as I know, since his divorce, which happened before I started school (I think).  He’s been seeing this lady for about a year now and this is the first the family gets to meet her.  I’m excited to meet her, I’m glad he has someone in his life and he’s happy. 

I can show these to you all now.  Mom is the supervisor of her department and awhile back she requested some hotpads for her staff.  I told her sure and when she asked about the cost, I told her to just pay for the yarn 😀  So here’s what she ended up with:

snowflake-hotpads and starburst-hotpads

The first batch, the snowflake ones, are all two sided and have one end that is open.  Each one of those has a potpourri packet inside so that they will hopefully give off a scent when something hot is placed on them.  Then I added velcro so that the ends will stay closed and people can remove the potpourri packets and wash the hotpads.  Of the starburst ones I really like the red and green ones that are the third from the left in the first and second rows.  I might have to make a set of those for me 😀 

Everyone have a good day and hopefully I’ll be back later with more pictures from a new and improved camera!  Here’s hoping Santa was good to you all!


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