Yesterday was a wonderful day!  Good food, being with family, definitely a great way to spend the day.  J and I got my parents tickets to see Jeff Dunham in March when he comes to town (I picked up a set for us too!).  Mom doesn’t think she’s ever seen the Achmed the Dead Terrorist video that’s been around on email.  So before we left for the night I went to trusty old You Tube and pulled up a video of Jeff Dunham.  Mom’s definitely going to enjoy the show!

My Santa’s were amazing to me as well.  I got some pattern books I’d asked for, including one I had forgotten I’d asked for.  And I was sooo excited to see it, I had to page through before opening any other presents!  I now have the ability to make this gorgeous Six Pointed Star Afghan, a crochet church or gingerbread house.  And I got 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws.  The patterns in this book are stunning.  I can’t decide which one to make first!

Mom and Dad were on a cruise to the Caribbean that got back on the 20th.  I’d been looking to replace my digital camera (since it’s pretty old!) and mentioned Mom and Dad this.  They asked which camera I was looking at and I figured they were getting me one for Christmas.  Especially since electronics are frequently cheaper in the Caribbean, and this post of theirs helped me think that they did get me one.  J had also asked what I wanted and I told him a yarn winder.  Everything he said made me believe he got me one.  So yesterday we’re opening gifts.  There were two I couldn’t open right away, so I started asking “can I open this one now?” each time.  Finally J hands me his box and says “here’s your yarn winder baby.”

I open the box, look at him and say “That’s not a yarn winder!”  He got me my new camera!!  I got to open Mom and Dad’s final one next.  Dad tried to be a smartalec and said “I don’t know what you’re going to do with two cameras.”  Sorry Dad, not quite that dumb 😀  Anyway, they had gotten me a beautiful new watch from their trip.  It’s rose gold, diamonds surrounding the face and in place of some/all of the numbers (it’s in the box at this moment, so I don’t recall how many of the numbers are replaced) and a beautiful mother of pearl background.  Absolutely gorgeous!

After we left my parents we needed to meet up with some friends of J’s to give them their gifts.  They had decided to go bowling (who knew bowling alley’s were open on Christmas? not me!) with another couple, common friends of theirs and J.  So we all went bowling last night.  We had a lot of fun and were pretty noisy.  It’s a good thing there were no leagues last night.  Some of those guys are so serious about their bowling that they tend to get crabby at times when others are having fun.

Here’s some final pictures of Christmas gifts that I made.  I don’t have pictures of all gifts, but I do have these.


The lightbulb and the green ones were for Mom.  The green is actually a little bit darker than shown here, and the white has silver threads woven in it.  Mom had said she really liked this set (I did too!) when I was making the batch for her employees.  So I decided to pull it out of that batch and give it to Mom for Christmas.  She got the lightbulb a couple of weeks ago.  She almost ruined things though 😀  When I gave her the finished ones she told me later that she kept out a green and red one for herself.  I told her she couldn’t do that.  She told me she needed 12 and that’s how many she got.  I then I had to tell Dad to make sure she didn’t keep any.  He was a big help there.



Mom’s brother came down to visit us for Christmas this year and he brought his lady friend.  He’s been dating A for roughly a year now.  He’s been alone for around 20 years  and I’m very excited that he has someone special in his life.   I made Uncle M an afghan earlier this year that was supposed to go to him for his birthday.  Mom had to cancel her trip north, so he got it for Christmas instead.  But I couldn’t leave A out, so she got this afghan.  Which is perfect, we’ve had some cool days/nights since she got here and this will help keep her warm.  That is if we get another cold front before she heads north again.



the-bruise-up-closeThis is the one I made Uncle M.  And of course, Tasha had to get in on the act too!









And one final picture!


This is the dragon I made J for Christmas.  He really likes it and decided a name is needed.  I made this only while working my part time job so that J wouldn’t see it and I wouldn’t have to lie about what/who it was for 😀

Everyone enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.  Me, I’m going to see what I can do about avoiding the crowds shopping.  I think staying home watching movies sounds like a good plan (maybe my brand new DVD Wall-E!)


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