I’m a loser baby!

Well, actually, I’m more on a roller coaster.  I keep going back and forth with the same gains and losses.  But, there are losses in there and not just gains.  So that’s a plus 😀 

Last month I decided I wanted to try some different workout videos than what I have.  So I headed to one of my favorite places, the library!  I went to the DVD section and starting browsing for exercise vide0s and came home with The Firm (which I didn’t get a chance to try), Iron Yoga and The Biggest Loser.  I LOVE The Biggest Loser DVD!  It has 4 different workouts on it: Low-impact Cardio, High impact Cardio, Sculpt and Firm and Bootcamp.  I tried Bootcamp first, it kicked my butt and I couldn’t complete it.  So I spent three weeks going between the cardios and adding in the sculpt and firm.

Sadly I had to return the video.  I ran out of re-news on it.  But my hold for The Biggest Loser 2 came in and I tried that one today for the first time.  I’m definitely going to buy both DVD’s.  Amazon has them for $6.99 each and I love that I can mix and match the workouts.  My only complaint is they really really like lunges.  My knees don’t like doing those.  In fact, when I do lunges, my knees sound a little bit like rice krispies (thank you Grandpa for those genes!).  Any suggestions for working the same muscles in a different manner? 

To anyone looking to try new workouts, don’t forget your library.  Or if you use Netflix or Blockbuster mail services, see what they have!


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