Happy 2009 to everyone!

And Happy Birthday to my grandpa!  I hope everyone had a safe, fun night.  I was stuck working, but thankfully only until 9.  I’m not sure I could have handled more than 3 hours last night.  As it was, I was trying to determine if our time had reset so I could call off the rest of my shift.  It was that bad folks.  Clearance (which honestly didn’t seem like clearance prices) on clothing translated into back to back phone calls.  Add in system problems, the ordering system had a lag time of up to 30 seconds!!, and that meant for a very busy, frustrating shift.

But, I only worked until 9.  Then I got to go play with J and our friends.  A couple, Bowling Boy (BB) and his wife Red had a bonfire at their place.  So J and I headed over there with some other friends of J’s.  We had a very good time.  The bonfire hadn’t been started yet when we got there, and we were an hour late since I had to work.  But, the kids got it started in no time!  I had some sparkler’s (about 6 boxes people!) left over from 4th of July 2007.  So I brought those with along with the fireworks I didn’t get to shoot off this past 4th of July.  There were 3 little ones at the party and they had fun with the sparklers.  Between those and the bottle rockets Kevin shot off in the pile, we had the bonfire going eventually. 

I got to play with BB and Red’s baby girl again.  She’s the best baby, I can give her back when she needs changing or gets cranky 😀  I also got to see their pets, dog Harley and cat Coal.  I swear, Coal looks like Tasha.  That is if Tasha were solid black and weighed more.  I have pictures for everyone!  I am seriously in love with my new camera.  It has a “special” function and one of the options in that function is fireworks.  I got some really awesome shots of the fireworks we did. 

Is anyone doing resolutions?  I gave up on those years ago.  I never seem to keep them.  So share them if you want 😀

 All pictures are clickable to become larger.  The first picture has A and her husband R watching something.  Fireworks?  Bonfire?  I’m not sure.  The second is Bowling Boy and J.  I loved the accidental ghost face I got of J on this one.  Third is Red (second from left), a couple of her friends and Super K to the far right.   And check out those amazing fireworks shots!

A and R

A and her husband R watching something.  Fireworks?  Bonfire? 

Bowling Boy and J

Bowling Boy and J.  I love the accidential ghost shot of J’s face.


Red and friends.  Red is second from left.  Super K is on the far right.

Red all tired out

Red’s taking a break on the ground.  Being hostess is tiring work 😀
















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