Vacation Time!

This time tomorrow J and I will be on our way to Port Canaveral and vacation!  I’m excited, yet I haven’t even packed yet.  I do have some clothes set out to be packed, I did that last night while folding laundry.  So today will be devoted to packing and some cleaning.  I am going to head over to my parents house with the animals.  That way I can empty the litter boxes and not have to worry about doing it last minute.  I have to say, I’m really not looking forward to a 45 minute drive and listening to Boris and Tasha the whole way.  That’s all they do “meow, meow, meow”

I have one more short shift to work this evening, then I’m off until Saturday!  Woohoo!  Sadly I didn’t achieve the weight loss goal I set for myself and I’m not able to fit into the dress I really wanted to wear.  Somehow I’m thinking that even if I had achieved the goal, I still wouldn’t be able to fit the dress.  I can zip it up just fine, until I get to the top.  Then it doesn’t want to zip.  But not achieving that goal isn’t going to stop me.  I’m going to enjoy the food and desserts they offer but I’m going to be careful and eat them in moderation.  And I have my workout clothes in the pile to bring with.  So hopefully I’ll maintain this week.

Check back next weekend.  I’ll have pictures for everyone.


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