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This weekend one of our local motorcycle dealerships had the Spyder guys in town.  What, you ask, is a Spyder?  It’s a motorcycle with three wheels, 2 in the front and 1 in the back.  They were offering test drives and J missed out on it last year.  So we headed over to the dealership and found out no passengers allowed.  That meant I was going to have to stay behind since I don’t have a motorcycle endorsement.  So while J was signing up, I was reading the signs.  They didn’t say anything about needed the endorsement, so I asked.  An endorsement was needed to go out on the road.  That didn’t mean I was left out of the fun though!  I got to stay behind and drive around the test course to my hearts content.

That actually lasted about 10 minutes, for 2 reasons.  1) Going around the same course got boring really fast.  I guess I can cross Nascar driver off my list of potential future jobs 😉 and 2) my arms got really tired.  The course is a smallish course, I don’t think I got it over 9 or 10 mph.  There wasn’t room.  And one side had a lot of curves/turns so people could get used to not leaning.  Those are what made my arms tired.  But it was fun to ride and helped me become more comfortable with curves/turns.  Here’s pictures of J and I on the brand new Spyders!  I don’t have a helmet on because my picture was taken on the bike set there specifically for pictures only.  I promise, I wore my helmet while on the course.


j-on-spyder1  This was the course I had to ride on.  The Spyder guys had everyone practice here before letting them out on the the road.


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